Hot & Cold Compression Wrist Wrap


  • Start healing: maintains a consistent temperature — cold or hot — for at least 20 minutes to optimize recovery and therapy time
  • Stay active: contours for full muscle and joint coverage so you can keep moving through your day 
  • Reduce swelling: hot and cold therapy combined with all-around compression improves oxygenation and reduces inflammation
  • Wash anytime: hand-wash the wrist compression wrap to keep it clean and odor-free for every use
  • Customize treatment: flexible gel packs and adjustable straps provide a universal fit and ideal compression for any wrist
  • Improve therapy: easily switch between hot or cold compression depending on your recovery needs
  • Choose natural: this patented wrap was designed to stimulate your body’s natural healing process

Helps relieve symptoms for: carpal tunnel pain, rheumatoid arthritis, swelling, bruises, sprains and tendonitis.

Wrist Compression Wrap for Chronic Injuries, Aches and Pains

Strive’s hot and cold wrist compression wrap was created by Hall of Fame astronaut and physician Scott Parazynski. Its patented design provides uniform coverage while allowing a full range of motion so you can heal or protect your wrist while on the go or working out. The included gel packs will maintain your preferred hot or cold temperature for 20 minutes while stimulating your body's natural healing process. Feel better faster so you can get back to your routine!

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