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Strive hot and cold products were developed by Scott Parazynski.

Scott is a 17-year NASA employee, a Hall of Fame Astronaut, a Physician, an Explorer, an Inventor, a Pilot, and an Entrepreneur. Having been on five space shuttle missions and successfully climbed mount Everest, Scott is well versed in extreme temperatures and the impact it can have on a human’s body.

These extraordinary life experiences took their physical toll. While recovering from knee surgery, Scott found himself frustrated with the lack of effective hot and cold therapy products. There was no product on the market that was contoured to specific parts of the body, offered adjustable compression, offered fast hot and cold therapy, and held consistent temperatures. The products available had limited surface coverage, minimal adjustability, and often produced unpleasant condensation. Scott was convinced there had to be a better solution. Inspired by technologies used in suits designed for spacewalks, Scott set out to create something new–and Strive was born.

Our goal at Apothecary Products is to make life a little better for you and those you care about.

Get Better with Apothecary Products

At Apothecary Products, our purpose is to make life a little better for you and those you care about with simple self-care and wellness solutions that are safe, effective, and easy to use.  With the launch of Strive hot/cold solutions, the team developed a passion for delivering a total solution for agility wellness. Strive wraps, straps, and supports provide flexible, breathable, and comfortable compression wherever and whenever you might need a little extra support. And our creams and ointments deliver drug-free and natural relief from pain and discomfort.

All Strive products are comfortable, convenient, easy to use, made in the USA, and made of medical-grade materials.

Strive for Better